Types of Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Many plastic surgery or augmentation procedures fall into the category of “facial cosmetic surgery,” and they vary in scope, process, as well as recovery. At Riverside Oral and Facial Surgery, Dr. Hunt has years of experiencing performing an array of procedures, and his facility is also able to provide prescription skin care products; dermal fillers and Botox injections; as well as procedures such as skin resurfacing and dermabrasion.

Some of the procedures expertly performed at Atlanta’s Riverside Oral and Facial Surgery include:

Facial liposuction. Fatty deposits can build up almost anywhere on the body, and in the face, they can cause droopy jowls or sagging around the eyes and mouth. Facial liposuction can correct this.

Brow lifts. Over time, our brows can become heavy as gravity continuously pulls on our facial muscles. Brow lifts can restore a youthful, awake appearance to your face.

Eyelid surgery. Not always solely cosmetic, eyelid surgery can lift drooping lids from the frame of vision greatly improving quality of life.

Nose recontouring, or rhinoplasty, involves the reshaping of the bone beneath the surface of the nose. Not only can this create a more pleasing appearance, it can often improve breathing – if you have sleep apnea or a deviated septum, for example – nose recontouring may be the facial cosmetic surgery for you.

Other types of facial cosmetic surgeries available at Riverside include facelifts (a combination of several types of procedures); lip augmentation; and the reshaping of the ears.

As with any operation, there are inherent risks and rewards, as well as a recovery period. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Hunt and his knowledgeable staff will review these with you prior to your facial cosmetic surgery.

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