What is JuveDerm?

There are many procedures for obtaining a youthful and healthy appearance. However, many are invasive and require down-time. JuveDerm is a derma filler that gives you an excellent solution to your wrinkles. The process if fast and the results are even faster.

What is Juvederm?

JuveDerm is a derma filler to get rid of wrinkles and smooth skin to make you look younger and well-rested. JuveDerm is comprised of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance in your body’s soft tissue and joints. When injected, the gel fills in the fine lines and wrinkles at the injection site. This gives you a more youthful, fuller and healthy appearance. Derma fillers like JuveDerm are often referred to as liquid facelifts because they give the great benefits of facelifts without the invasiveness and recovery time associated with surgical facelifts.

Depending on your needs, there are different strengths of JuveDerm: JuveDerm 18, JuveDerm 24 and JuveDerm 30. Different formulas are injected deeper into your tissue, and different formulas are used for different types of wrinkles and problems.

What Happens During a Juvederm Procedure?

The JuveDerm procedure has many steps to ensure you get the best results possible. Before the procedure, you will have a consultation to discuss your concerns and hear what JuveDerm can do for you. Your doctor will then mark what areas need to be injected to give you the results you want. After properly cleaning the area to ensure no infection, the derma filler is injected. You can choose to have one or two areas injected or your entire face for maximum results. After the procedure, an ice pack helps reduce any minor swelling.

Recovery and Results with JuveDerm

There is no downtime with JuveDerm. You are usually able to return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure. It is so simple, fast and non-invasive that you could have it done on your lunch break and then return to work. The results are immediate with JuveDerm. Immediately after the procedure, you see fewer wrinkles and creases. The results usually last about six months, but they sometimes last up to a year.

Benefits to JuveDerm

  • Youthful results

    – The number one benefit to JuveDerm are the results. They give you a youthful, fresh appearance that boosts your confidence. Fine lines and wrinkles disappear or are reduced, and the results last for half a year or longer.

  • Non-invasive

    – As opposed to other procedures, JuveDerm is non-invasive. This means there is no scaring and no recovery time. In addition, because it is non-invasive, almost anyone is a candidate for JuveDerm.

  • Non-allergenic

    – hyaluronic acid is naturally forming in the human body. Unlike some products that are synthetic or made from animals, there is significantly less risk of an allergic reaction with JuveDerm.

  • Fast

    – Everything about JuveDerm is fast. Having the procedure is so fast that you are able to do it on a lunch break. In addition, the results appear quickly, letting you show off your new appearance immediately. Lastly, the recovery is fast. Most people immediately return to their normal activities after the procedure.

JuveDerm derma filler is great for treating wrinkles and fine lines. It gives you a fuller, youthful appearance. The procedure and the results are fast, and there is no downtime. JuveDerm injections boost your confidence and let you show off your new look.