How is a Brow Lift Performed?

A man's forehead

Traditionally individuals undergo brow lifts when drooping of the brows becomes apparent on an individual, usually caused by aging. There are several types of lift procedures that can correct this problem the coronal/endoscopic approach, temporal, and a direct brow lift are the most used brow lift procedures. However, the coronal/endoscopic procedure is the most commonly used procedure.

How is the procedure performed?

The brow lift procedure is a day procedure performed on a patient in a hospital setting using general anesthesia and in some cases only local anesthesia is used. The brows are lifted from small incisions made behind an individual’s hairline. Do not worry the hair is not shaved, merely parted to expose the surgical sites where the incisions will be made. An endoscope is then passed through the small incisions that were made, which allow the eyebrows to release from where they are connected in the forehead. Next, the eyebrows are repositioned in the desired location and then set in place with sutures.


Before committing to the brow lift individuals will have to undergo a series of consultations. In these consultations individuals are able to express their concerns about their appearance and seek advise about surgical opportunities. The individual’s goals and expectations are set in these pre-op appointments so that concerns are discussed before the surgery. The individual’s medical history is discussed during this time as well.


Once the surgery is performed, you will spend a couple of hours in post-op recovery. Then the patient is allowed to return home escorted by friends or family. The following morning the patient returns to have their bandages removed and surgical sites inspected. Individuals are given care instructions for the incision site until the stitches are removed at the following appointment. Individuals may experience pain, swelling, and moderate bruising for up to one week following the procedure. However, most patients are able to return to normal activities shortly after the surgery.

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