The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Injections

There are so many benefits of hyaluronic acid that it is used in a multitude of areas, with continual research going on to learn where else it might be used. To date, it helps revive skin, relieve joint pain and even assists with periodontal issues, with its resistance to bacteria being a particularly important benefit in that area. When it comes to benefits from injections for dermatological reasons, there is an entire list to choose from.


Hyaluronic Acid Description

The chemical makeup of hyaluronic acid can best be described in simple terms as a carbohydrate that bonds to water when it isn’t bound to anything else. It’s a natural element found in various areas of the body, including synovial fluid and joints. That information alone tells you it has excellent hydration factors, which is just one of the benefits of the injections.


Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

wrinklesThough hyaluronic acid has a variety of uses, one of the most common dermatological uses is based on the fact that when injected into the skin, it bonds with water and reduces lines and wrinkles. This happens because the bonding with water causes a chemical reaction with hyaluronic acid that leads to the formation of a gel-like substance. This substance fills the areas of the skin that lost elasticity and became wrinkles or lines.


Natural Substance

Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary chemicals being injected into your skin. In today’s society where there are so many chemicals being ingested in one way or another, it’s great to know there are skin agents that already exist in our bodies being used in a whole new way. Getting an injection is like getting a refill!


Avoid Surgery

Many people fear they have to resort to surgery to keep a healthy look. If you prefer to avoid that route, hyaluronic acid injections are minimally invasive and fully capable of taking care of small problems.


No Harm to Animals

earth friendlyMany skin care products resort to using animals to derive the chemicals for their products or to test them. Neither of these things are necessary with hyaluronic acid, so animal lovers can enjoy the benefits to their skin in a guilt free manner.


With the medical knowledge available today, you can always look your best. Hyaluronic acid injections happen to be one of the options available. If you want to learn more about hyaluronic acid injections or other cosmetic options, contact Riverside Oral and Facial Surgery, PC at 706-235-5570 or by using the Contact Us form found on the website.