5 Tips to Stop Snoring

Making light of snoring may be a common joke amongst family and friends, but those who deal with this problem every night know that it’s a real issue. If you’re suffering from chronic snoring – especially if it’s impacting your quality of sleep – try following some of these simple steps:


Practice Good “Sleep Hygiene”

Sleep hygiene, simply put, means “sleep habits” – various practices including a consistent, reasonable bedtime, sufficient light exposure during the day (and limited exposure at night), and not eating right before bed. Maintaining healthy habits is important for keeping sleep high-quality and genuinely restful.


Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Excess body weight places pressure on the airway and impedes airflow, leading to noisy snoring and less restful sleep. Regular exercise and clean eating, in addition to the numerous other benefits of looking and feeling better, can in fact decrease the incidence of snoring. Alcohol and tobacco intake can also contribute to breathing problems by relaxing muscles and damaging the respiratory system, respectively – cut down on (or eliminate, ideally) both.


Stay Hydrated

Make sure that your fluid intake is sufficient – when it drops, nasal secretions become thicker and the soft palate becomes sticky. This can result in poor airflow and intermittent full blockages – the solution may really be this simple!


Keep Nasal Passages Clear

When your nose and sinuses are clogged with mucus, polyps, or any other blockages, breathing becomes more difficult and the air flows faster, causing noisy sleep. If this is a repeating issue for you, try a hot shower and/or a saltwater rinse to open up those passages – and if this isn’t enough, consult with a physician: allergies (even undiagnosed ones) may be the culprit.


Clean (or Replace) Pillows

It may not be a pleasant thought, but the fact is that our pillows accumulate dust mites, pet dander, molds, and other irritants over time. These are all things that contribute to chronic snoring, and may explain why your breathing issues only pop up at night. Try heating pillows regularly with the air fluff cycle in your home dryer, and consider replacing them altogether once or twice a year.



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