Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Removing wisdom teeth is quite common today. In many cases, your dentist is likely to recommend their removal, even if there is no pain or discomfort. One of the many reasons for this is due to the fact that these teeth, the third molars in the back of your mouth, oftentimes don’t have room to grow properly. With that in mind, here are a number of reasons to consider regarding why remove wisdom teeth.

Peace Of Mind:

You ultimately can never know for certain whether or not your wisdom teeth will cause a problem in your mouth. Therefore, having them removed may make more sense than simply waiting to see if anything bad happens. It will indeed give you peace of mind. Of course, the sooner this decision is made, the better, since this will mean an easier time with the oral surgery and also faster recovery. Additionally, research has shown that with age the chance for complications during removal increases.

Avoid Associated Gum Disease:

Not only can your wisdom teeth lead to the crowding of other teeth, but a whole host of other problems. One of the more insidious of these is gum disease and inflammation. Both are very serious problems and if they are left untreated (or not even diagnosed) it can lead to receding gum tissues, deterioration of the jawbone, and even potential tooth loss.

No Breeding Ground For Infection:

Your mouth is a very complicated organism and wisdom teeth that seem to be fine and without issues can still become a breeding ground for infection and inflammation. In many cases, this inflammation can also enter the bloodstream and lead to the development or faster progression of a whole host of diseases. Some of these can include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even lead to a stroke.

No Danger Of Impaction:

When your wisdom teeth become impacted, a whole host of nasty things can result. In some cases, there may be the development of cysts and/or tumors. Even just minor lesions can lead to extensive and complicated surgical procedures to restore and repair jaw function and appearance.

wisdom teethWisdom Teeth Are Unneeded:

Assuming you have avoided all of the previous negative wisdom teeth situations, the bottom line is that they do nothing of value for you. Most competent oral surgeons believe your wisdom teeth are not needed, there is no valuable function they offer, and these teeth will be difficult to keep clean.

 Infection & Inflammation Common:

There is limited space for your wisdom teeth to fit in your mouth. This not only makes them difficult to keep clean, but it makes inflammation and infection rather common even if there is no apparent complications. Once inflammation takes hold, it can be very difficult to eliminate and is likely to spread to other teeth.

Bottom Line:

You should clearly consider having your wisdom teeth removed, for at least the reasons listed above. Of course, it is also advisable to talk with a qualified oral and facial surgeon. Find out all about the proper procedures and how they can help improve your current situation.