How Long Does Anesthesia Usually Last After Cosmetic Surgery

One of the main concerns patients have when they elect to have cosmetic surgery is how long anesthesia will last after the procedure. Because each procedure and patient is different and requires different levels of medication, there is no one general answer to that question.  However, there are four different types of anesthesia that are often used by cosmetic surgeons, and each one affects the body differently.

Anesthesia System

  1. Twilight Anesthesia  

Many basic facial surgeries may only require twilight anesthesia or a conscious sedation, which means you are awake during the procedure, but you have no idea what is going on around you. The medication is usually provided via IV. After the sedation, you may feel tired or nauseous, but you generally recover within 30 minutes to 3 hours. This is the most common type of anesthesia used with cosmetic surgery.

  1. General Anesthesia

On the opposite end of the spectrum is general anesthesia which makes you totally unconscious during a procedure. With the exception of major surgery, most facial surgeries do not require this level of anesthesia, but if yours does, it usually takes about 24 hours to recover.

  1. Local Anesthesia

For some facial procedures, the doctor may simply numb the area where he or she will perform the surgery. This is called local anesthesia, and you remain awake during the procedure. The numbness generally wears off after a few hours. Also a pill can be given (Valium) preop to help you relax.

  1. Regional Anesthesia

When a doctor uses regional anesthesia, he or she injects a nerve blocker into the area where the surgery will take place. Sort of like local anesthesia, it numbs the location, but it also treats the nerves in that region of the body so you cannot feel a thing. It can take a few hours to wear off.

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