What’s The Difference Between Botox & Skin Fillers?

If you’re looking for a wrinkle reduction solution, you’ve probably heard of BOTOX® as well as skin fillers. But the difference between the two isn’t always clear. Although both have a similar end effect – namely, the reduction of visible wrinkles – the mechanisms by which they work are actually quite different.

Let’s take a moment to learn about the major differences between BOTOX® and skin fillers.

Do I Need Botox?


BOTOX® Relaxes Muscles

BOTOX® is a prescription medicine that – when injected – temporarily blocks signals from your nerves to your muscles in the immediate area. This has the effect of reducing muscle movement, and causing frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles to relax and smooth out. BOTOX® can be used on its own, or in conjunction with other treatments (including skin fillers).

Treatment is very straightforward, and simply involves a number of tiny injections just under the surface of the skin. The vast majority of patients can return to their normal daily tasks immediately after their appointment has ended. The effects of BOTOX® can often be seen within a few days of the procedure, and typically last around 4-6 months. Once the effects have begun to diminish, you may choose to repeat the procedure to regain your fresh and youthful look.

Skin Fillers Replace Lost Collagen

Also referred to as “dermal fillers”, skin fillers also provide a straightforward, medium-term solution to facial wrinkling. But unlike BOTOX®, skin fillers work by (as the name suggests) actually filling in lines and creases.

As our bodies age, our facial skin naturally loosens somewhat. Fat and collagen deposits on the face, which provide an aesthetically pleasing plumpness in our youth, also begin to diminish and slightly droop. As a result, we end up with visible lines from sagging skin and underlying muscles.

Skin fillers function in two ways. They begin by gently plumping out and lifting facial skin, restoring a youthful roundness and smoothness. Many also stimulate the body to begin replacing lost collagen. Much like BOTOX®, skin fillers are injected in a simple outpatient procedure, and you can expect the effects to last between 6-24 month – at which point you have the option of repeating the procedure.


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