5 Complications That May Suggest You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Dentist Consulting With PatientMany individuals are hesitant to get their wisdom teeth removed either because they fear the process itself, they fear the after effects, or both. After all, everyone knows someone who has had the procedure done, but no one generally enjoys the process.

Yes, wisdom tooth extraction is a form of surgery, and just like all surgeries, it is going to come with its fair share of discomfort afterward, but the process itself is relatively simple and relatively minimal pain.

On the other hand, NOT getting your wisdom teeth removed can cause a number of complications, almost all of which are uncomfortable at best, and downright painful at worst. At Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery, P.C. we have extensive experience in dealing with the complications that arise from impacted wisdom teeth, and urge our patients to seek care if they notice any signs pointing towards wisdom tooth complications.

At our Riverside oral and facial surgery center, we understand the complications that can arise from impacted wisdom teeth, and aim to share that understanding with our patients. Below are 5 of the most common complications of impacted wisdom teeth:

  1. Infection

    One of the first signs of impacted wisdom teeth is an infection, which starts with pain along the gums, a sore throat, and swollen lymph glands just below the jawline. You may also notice that your face will start to swell, and that your mouth has a bad taste or smell.

  2. Damage To Other Teeth

    Because there is typically no room in the mouth for additional teeth after the first 28, when the four additional wisdom teeth come in, they crowd the other teeth. The wisdom teeth will push against the second molar, causing a domino effect with the other teeth. Eventually, a mouth with all 32 teeth in it may require orthodontic treatment.

  3. Cysts

    Sometimes, the area of the gum in which a wisdom tooth rests can develop into a fluid-filled sac. This can turn into a cyst under the right circumstances, presenting further complications to the jawbone, teeth, and nerves. In extreme instances, this cyst can develop into a non-cancerous tumor and require the removal of tissue and bone.

  4. Decay

    Wisdom teeth are extremely difficult to clean, mostly because they are still partially covered by a layer of gum tissue. Because of this, they are more prone to decay than any other tooth in the mouth.

  5. Gum Disease

    Gum disease almost always follows untreated decay. If left untreated, a decayed wisdom tooth can lead to a painful inflammatory condition of the gums called “pericoronitis.”

Consult a Riverside Oral & Facial Surgeon About Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

At Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery, P.C., our oral surgeons can help you through the wisdom tooth extraction process in as comfortable manner as possible. Don’t wait until complications develop to get your wisdom teeth removed – contact our Riverside oral surgeons at 706-235-5570 or online to schedule a consultation today.