Teeth in a Day: Restore Your Smile with Immediate Full Arch Restoration Therapy

If you need full arch restoration for either your upper or lower teeth (or both), you may be able to enjoy a whole new set of teeth within a day! For qualified candidates, Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery now offers immediate full arch restoration therapy to restore your smile and help you get on with your life. With this unique program, which we call “teeth in a day,” you can come into our office with your current teeth and leave with a whole new smile the same day!

The dangers of missing teeth

Anytime you lose teeth, it’s important to replace them, either with a crown, a bridge or implants. Failing to do so can cause many problems. For example:

  • Your remaining teeth may shift in your mouth
  • You may not be able to eat certain foods
  • Missing teeth can cause a sagging facial appearance with increased aging
  • The begin to deteriorate, causing bone loss and additional missing teeth
  • The way you speak can be affected; you may develop a lisp
  • Missing teeth increase your risk for gum disease

In certain cases, it makes sense to replace an entire row (or arch) of teeth rather than replace one at a time. This is where full arch restoration comes into play.

What is full arch restoration?

When a significant number of teeth in your mouth are diseased, damaged or missing, your dentist may recommend replacing the entire row of teeth in the upper jaw, lower jaw or both. We refer to this as full arch restoration.

With traditional implant methods, replacing all the teeth is an involved, complicated and sometimes painful process requiring numerous visits full arch restorationover many weeks. Your remaining original teeth are pulled, and your oral surgeon gives you temporary replacements (often dentures, which can be loose and painful). When the mouth is healed (usually in about 5 months), your oral surgeon installs a set of implants in your jaw bone. In a subsequent visit, 3 months later, a new row of teeth will be permanently attached to these implants.


Alternatively, with immediate full arch restoration therapy, your old teeth are removed, your implants installed and a fixed temporary prosthesis attached, all in the same day. 4 months later, your permanent fixed new teeth are made, and you return to the dentist to have the new teeth attached. This process reduces the number of visits needed while eliminating those embarrassing gaps of missing teeth. Only you and your oral surgeon need know about your fixed permanent prosthesis.

What about my temporary teeth? Will they function normally?

Yes. Your prosthetics are fully functional, great looking, and act like real teeth. You’ll be able to chew food, talk and smile normally through the entire process.

Why implants?

Dental implants are in many cases your best option for lost teeth because they keep your natural jawbone intact. Implants are an excellent alternative to dentures, which are difficult to clean and may breed infection. Finally, implants represent a permanent solution to tooth loss, as opposed to bridges and crowns which may need to be replaced every few years.

Not everyone is a good candidate for immediate full arch restoration therapy, and only a knowledgeable oral surgeon can evaluate your situation to see if they are right for you.

At Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery, we’re committed to providing the latest state-of-the-art technologies to provide our patients with the best care possible. This is why we are so pleased to offer qualified patients the option for immediate full arch restoration therapy—teeth in a day! To learn more, call us today at 706-235-5570 or look at our website @ www.riversideoralfacialsurgery.com.