Tips for Finding a Top Oral Surgeon in North Georgia

For significant oral/facial needs like treatment for sleep apnea, facial skin cancer or oral/facial trauma — or for dental needs like wisdom teeth extractions or dental implants — you naturally want to find an oral surgeon you can trust. But how do you find a top oral surgeon in North Georgia, someone with years of experience and a good reputation? Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Initial ConsultationAsk for Referrals from Friends or Your Dentist

If you’re new to the North Georgia area and don’t know how to start researching oral surgeons, start by asking any friends or family in the area whom they might recommend. In particular, ask people who may have had the same procedure done that you need. If you already have a dentist in the area, ask whom she would recommend for your specific procedure.

Research Possibilities Online

Once you’ve begun compiling names of top oral surgeons in the North Georgia area, you can vet them further by doing an online search for each one. In many cases, you’ll be able to find out how many years the surgeon has been practicing, their areas of specialty, where they got their education, and so on. You may also find patient reviews for each oral surgeon, which may be helpful in deciding if that surgeon is right for you.

Check Board Certifications

All oral surgeons must be legally licensed to practice, but the best oral surgeons will also usually be certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ABOMS). Board certification means the surgeon has voluntarily met an advanced set of criteria and accountability standards as held by the board, adding greatly to the trust level. The Board’s website has a search feature to help you find board-certified practitioners in your area; you can also type in the surgeon’s name to make sure he is certified and in good standing.

Check References

So you’ve decided to reach out to an oral surgeon in your area. If you still have concerns, ask the doctor for a few personal references. Call those references and ask about their experiences. This additional step should convince you either way as to whether this is an oral surgeon you can trust.

Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery is proud to be one of the top facilities in our area, headed by one of the top oral surgeons in north Georgia. Dr. Hunt is certified both by ABOMS and by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and he has been performing successful oral/facial surgical procedures for more than three decades. To learn more about the services we offer, call us today at 706-235-5570.