Get Your Smile Back with Pain-Free Dental Implants

full arch restorationIf you have significant tooth loss or numerous diseased teeth, you’re likely experiencing changes to your smile, not to mention more than your fair share of pain. Fortunately, modern advances in dentistry have made it possible to get your smile back with pain-free dental implants.

Pain Free?

Many people assume getting dental implants is a painful procedure. In fact, many people who have received them say it is less difficult than a tooth extraction. This is in part because we aren’t just removing teeth — we’re replacing them. The procedure is performed with IV sedation plus a local anesthetic, and once the implants are in place, many patients report little or no discomfort. In addition, permanent implants look and feel very much like your original teeth, unlike bridges and dentures, which often cause discomfort.

How Does It Work?

Dental implants essentially require two surgical procedures. The first step is to install titanium posts into the jaw below the gum line in place of your missing teeth. Over the next several months, these implants will bond to your jaw, during which time you can function with temporary dentures while your permanent replacements are being made.

The next step is to install your permanent replacement teeth, which will be installed on the posts (or abutments) that have now bonded to your jaw. Upon completion, your smile should be completely restored, pain-free!

Within a Single Day?

For some candidates, yes. Our teeth-in-a-day procedure allows certain patients to receive an entire upper and/or lower arch of teeth on the same day the titanium posts are installed during the first procedure. These prosthetics are temporary, but they look and function like natural teeth. You’ll still receive permanent replacements at a later time (4-5 months later).

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Permanently eliminates the need for uncomfortable, painful or ill-fitting dentures
  • Restores your natural facial appearance (the absence of teeth can affect the contours of your face)
  • If you keep any of your natural teeth, these are less likely to be compromised with permanent implants as opposed to crowns or bridges
  • A permanent solution (implants can last a lifetime with proper care)

If you believe you might be a candidate for pain-free dental implants, we’d love the opportunity to help you get your smile back. Call Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery for an appointment at 706-235-5570.