The Patient’s Guide to Getting Facial Injections

Facial Skin FillersLet’s face facts: Most of us want to age as gracefully as possible. For many people, that means doing whatever they can to improve the appearance of their skin (especially around the face), reducing the appearance of wrinkles, etc. Facial injections of different types can be used to reduce or eliminate the signs of aging and restore that youthful glow — but what is involved in the process? Are facial injections safe? Do they work? Are some types of injections better than others? How long do the effects last? What are the costs involved?

In an attempt to answer these and other questions, we’ve created the following patient’s guide to facial injections. Hopefully, this will help eliminate any confusion or misinformation surrounding these procedures so patients can make an informed decision as to which procedures — if any — are right for them.

What You Need to Know About Botox

Botox is one of the most common and most popular types of facial injections for smoothing wrinkles. Botox treatments encountered some controversy at first because Botox is effectively a neurotoxin; however, when applied strategically and topically by a trained professional, it is harmless and produces positive results with reducing the appearance of wrinkles. If you’re new to the process of Botox treatments, the following articles should demystify the treatment for you.

Once you have a better understanding of Botox and how it works, you can talk with your facial surgery professional about how to prepare for your treatment, cost considerations and any other questions you may have.

What About Skin Fillers?

Dermal filler injections work in a different way than Botox treatments do. The primary difference between Botox and skin fillers is that Botox relaxes the nerves and muscles that cause wrinkles, while skin fillers inject collagen to fill in sagging areas, thereby reducing the wrinkles themselves. Juvederm is one of the most beneficial skin filler treatments available because it works quickly, looks natural and is completely reversible if the patient doesn’t like the results. Juvederm’s active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a substance highly valued for its anti-aging benefits. Other common types of filler injections include Sculptra and Radiesse. Talk with your facial surgeon to discuss the pros and cons of these fillers.

Facial Fat Grafting

For those who prefer a more natural approach to anti-aging, facial fat grafting may be a welcome alternative to chemical injections. Much as the name suggests, facial fat grafting involves extracting small amounts of fat from other parts of the patient’s body and injecting them into strategic areas of the face to create a fuller look and reduce wrinkles. Talk to your facial surgeon about this option as well.

If you’re looking for a safe way to reduce the signs of aging beyond applying cremes and lotions, one or more of these facial injection treatments might be just the thing for you. To learn more about them, call Riverside Oral Facial Surgery at (706) 235-5570.