Dental Implant Questions to Ask Your Georgia Oral Surgeon

For many patients suffering from tooth loss, dental implants are a permanent solution that restores their smile and can last a lifetime with proper care. That said, dental implants require oral surgery that comes with minimal risk and at least a brief disruption to your schedule — not to mention implants should only be placed […] Read More

Teeth in a Day: Restore Your Smile with Immediate Full Arch Restoration Therapy

If you need full arch restoration for either your upper or lower teeth (or both), you may be able to enjoy a whole new set of teeth within a day! For qualified candidates, Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery now offers immediate full arch restoration therapy to restore your smile and help you get on with […] Read More

What to Expect When Undergoing Preprosthetic Surgery for Dentures

If you are getting ready for partial or full dentures, you may first need some minor preprosthetic surgery. This procedure ensures that your dentures fit comfortably and safely. Because dentures sit on the ridge of your jaw line, it’s important to make it the right size and shape and smooth. This procedure typically occurs several […] Read More

3 Effective Cosmetic Products That Help Reduce Wrinkles

Looking for a cosmetic product that will help reduce wrinkles? Here are three options to consider. Botox Botox injections cause selective muscles at the injection site to become de-sensitized and prevent them from contracting. A muscle contracts when it receives a message from a nerve. In order for the nerve to communicate with muscle tissue […] Read More