Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

The natural aging process, genetic influence, exposure to sun and other factors cause the skin to wrinkle and sag as it fits the body more loosely. Skin folds become more prominent, especially around the chin, jaw line and neck.

A Face Lift, or Rhytidectomy, is a procedure that minimizes the appearance of aging in the areas of the face and neck. A face lift can improve the appearance of sagging jowls, loose skin, creases and the jawline and neckline. The rhytidectomy, or facelift, provides a more youthful appearance by tightening facial skin, muscles and removing excess skin.

We provide a variety of highly individualized cosmetic procedures. Best results are achieved by a thorough consultation with your surgeon. A surgeon from Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery will be able to recommend the best cosmetic surgical approach for your needs.

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