Cervical Rhytidectomy (Neck Lift)

For some individuals, the neck begins to show age faster than the rest of the face, and many times patients only need a neck lift, rather than a full facelift. A neck lift is a surgery designed to reduce the loose look of sagging skin in the neck area and under the jaw line. Patients may be dissatisfied with the appearance of their neck. You may wish to remove excess skin, remove fat, remove the “guitar strings”, or reduce folds (double chin). Occasionally chin implants will help improve the neck and jaw line.

A Neck Lift involves several procedures that improve the appearance of the neck. Fat or extra skin may be removed through liposuction or direct excision. Muscles may be adjusted/repaired to create a youthful look.

We provide a variety of highly individualized cosmetic procedures. Best results are achieved by a thorough consultation with your surgeon. A surgeon from Riverside Oral & Facial Surgery will be able to recommend the best cosmetic surgical approach for your needs.