Pre-Prosthetic Surgery For Dentures

Overview of the Procedure

Pre-Prosthetic surgery is a procedure that prepares the mouth for dentures. Dentures may not fit without preprosthetic surgery which involves bone smoothing and shaping, as well as removal of bone and/or gum tissue, and bone grafting (addition of tissue).

Reasons for the Procedure

The mouth must be shaped a certain way for dentures to fit properly. Preprosthetic surgery can prevent pain and discomfort associated with poorly fitted dentures. Bone may need to be shaped and smoothed to prevent the dentures from rubbing on sharp bone. Excess bone and gum tissue may also interfere with the fit of dentures and thus is removed.

What to Expect

Preprosthetic surgery is preformed weeks before dentures are made. This is done so that the mouth has time to heal. Occasionally the dentures are placed at the time of surgery.


Preprosthetic surgery varies from person to person depending on the state of the mouth. You will likely experience swelling and need to eat a special diet for a few days. It is important to keep your mouth very clean after surgery.