TEETH-IN-A-DAY  with Implant Supported Dentures

  • Immediate Full Arch Restoration Therapy is a solution for immediate full arch restoration of one or both arches. Full arch tooth replacement is a unique dental implant procedure that offers patients in need of a full arch restoration a faster procedure and decreased healing time. This same-day treatment allows patients to return home on the same day of surgery with a fixed temporary prosthesis the looks aesthetically pleasing and functions immediately.*
  • During the procedure, Dr. Hunt carefully inserts five or six dental implants in the patient’s upper or lower jaw, which are attached to an entire arch of beautiful white teeth during the same procedure. You can go to sleep with your current teeth and wake up with brand new replacements!
  • Dr. Hunt has extensive experience in this technique and the placement of dental implants. If you think you may be a candidate or want to learn more information about it, we encourage you to call and schedule an initial consultation at our office.
  • * Not all patients are candidates for immediate load procedures.

Advantages for Patients:

  • Eliminates dentures for patients with hopeless dentition
  • Decreases gag reflux
  • Eliminates loose fitting or painful dentures
  • Enables patients to return home on the day of surgery with prostheses that look aesthetically pleasing and function normally*
  • Reduces the number of procedures and follow-up visits
  • Allows for fixed interim prostheses for immediate patient satisfaction

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