BOTOX Cosmetic Injections

BOTOX® is an FDA-approved injectable that is primarily used to treat wrinkles in the face.

BOTOX treatments involve the injection of very small doses of a paralyzing agent to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Crow’s feet, worry lines and laugh lines can all be a thing of the past. These are referred to as dynamic wrinkle lines and all are treatable with this procedure. BOTOX injections stop the activity of a chemical called acetylcholine, which causes facial muscle contractions that lead to these cosmetic imperfections and wrinkles.

We will evaluate your medical health prior to treatment at your consultation appointment. All issues and concerns will be discussed. On the day of your procedures, the areas that will be treated are marked and digital photographs are taken in order to determine the amount of improvement after surgery.

You can generally return to normal activities the same day as the procedure. You will start to notice results in about three days. Redness and pain at the injection site may occur. Avoid rubbing the areas to prevent unwanted spread of the neurotoxin. Also practice using the injected facial muscles the first three days to increase the effectiveness of the BOTOX.

Botox effects lasts 4 to 6 months and then have to be repeated to keep the same effect.botox

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