Facial Liposuction Instructions

Please take the time to read these instructions thoroughly. If a question does arise during recovery, first refer back to these pages. If you are still uncertain, call the office.


Before Your Surgery

  1. Be sure to have all prescriptions filled and supplies purchased prior to surgery.
  2. On the morning of your surgery – cleanse the face and neck with a non-moisturizing soap (Dial or Ivory). Do not apply any creams or lotions.
  3. Be sure to make your first post-op appointment before your surgery. This visit is usually 6-7 days after surgery.


After Your Surgery

  1. Resume your antibiotics regiment the evening of your surgery, and continue to take the antibiotic as directed, with a light meal, until it is all gone.
  2. Take it easy the first 24 hours after surgery. Low-impact aerobics or slow jogging may be permitted 1 week after your surgery. Avoid vigorous exercise for several weeks after your surgery.
  3. Wear your French tape (if provided) and/or chin strap for the first five days and five nights after surgery. During this time, you should experience only minor discomfort – stiffness due to tape, a little soreness, and some itching. Tape will be removed at your first post-operative visit.
  4. Continue to wear the chinstrap when at home and while sleeping for the next two weeks to three months, depending on your skin tone and the amount of fat removed. We will provide specific recommendations for each patient.
  5. Expect some bruising, swelling, soreness, tightness, and/or numbness, all of which will slowly subside over the coming weeks. Small lumps or a “hardening” feeling may occur, and last 2-3 months. It may take a few months for side effects to completely diminish, and for the full effects of your facelift to appear.
  6. A low-grade fever may be experience the first night or two after surgery – please contact our office if your temperature rises about 101F or if you experience severe shaking/chills.


Daily Care of Incision

Your incision will be very small, and should require no special care beyond daily washing after the French tape is removed. If it appears red or inflamed, clean it twice a day with hydrogen peroxide and apply a small amount of Polysporin ointment afterwards.


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